What is Artificial Ideas?


Hi, I’m Anna. I strongly believe that good designs come from thoughtful analysis, a lot of usability tests and a deep knowledge of Design Theory and human perception. As I became determined to have a positive impact by transforming how junior designers make use of good practices, I started teaching Web Design.

Specializing on Semantic Web and UX/UI Design, I have been working as a Web Designer for more than 10 years. I developed my career as a freelancer, teacher, web designer at a consulting enterprise and print designer.

Aside from all this, I like to learn languages and escape the digital world making felt crafts for my kids.

I’m based in Rennes (France), but originally hail from Barcelona.

Would you like to take a look at my main projects or do you prefer to watch my complete portfolio? Either way, thanks for stopping by!


User Experience Design.
UI Web Design.
Semantic HTML.
Front-End Development.
CMS management & theme development.
And… Graphic Design.